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The new revisions doesn't have troubles except that it crashes on most of the games like loading and have lowered speed comparison to other revisions , yes Games are playable but have bad sound and such in Newer revisions.

edit: try disabling audio throttle and you will see what i mean.
Could you give fact on that ?
like what are the games which crash on new revs that weren't crashing on old revs ?
As for the speed, i saw speed gains for a couple of games on new revs, or practically no difference for other games.
Also, about the "bad sound" i'm not sure what you're talking about, Zelda games as well as Mario sunshine, Pikmin and Luigi's mansion didn't have sound before, which is now fixed, and little to nothing have changed for the other games :???:

Actually i don't see the point of using old revs ??
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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