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Malware, pretty low, if not nonexistent altogether according to Mac advocates. I'm not sure though if it's because of tighter security, or it's still under the radar, or that the people factor, which is the biggest security risk, is still a one. But I don't see why you won't be getting adware/spyware though.

Prevalence is still limited, apparently, but I was never of the opinion that it was an excuse to not be prepared.

Viruses (strictly speaking), cannot be made to function properly under the *nix, and similarly the Mac OS system. Worms, however, which employ vulnerabilty exploitation, might have better chances. But unless someone makes another cross platform worm, which would be so complicated as to have so many points of failure, it won't be a much of a threat, nor will it be able to do much damage anyway... assuming there's no severe vulnerability in question of course.

Adware/Spyware is a different matter though. Often, they often do not exist on their own but come as part and parcel of another piece of software. Since they don't need much of the stuff malware do, it's trivial to make one... unless you're exploited into forcefully contracting one.... which would rely on weakness of the system. But that aside... yes... I see adware/spyware as a real threat.

Unfortunately, as I'm not a a Mac user, I have no idea of software to recommend. But I've been living with an AV/Anti-spyware under the most insecure OS there is, but due to safe computing practices, It's never really had to intervene on my behalf, with perhaps the exception of tracking cookies. :)

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I've gotten only one piece of spyware on my ibook in the 11 months I've had it. Not one piece of malware, and not one virus.

Actually there are only a few virus that affect macs anyway, and most of them are e-mail based. So just use common sense there. As far as malware goes, its very possible to get malware on a mac osx machine, but it asks you for your password before installing anything, there are ways of getting around it, but its hard.

Anyway I've get back to work, I'll post an article about it when I get home tonight that might give a little more insight.
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