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Hey guys been a like 5 months since I last came here
Back then even Raizel had only like 800 posts :)
I just came out of a examination cave , and I still cant get anti - aliasing to work for me in ePSXe :(

Im still using the detonator 12.90 drivers , IMO its faster than the new 21.80 or whatever drivers. I enabled 4x in settings and got a major slowdown but no improvements ( or too little to notice )
Any ways to get anti-aliasing to work better for me these days ?

Thanks in advance
BTW... is this the right forum for zis' ?

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Sometimes, it also depends on what games u play. For example,when i play soul reaver 2, i hardly notice the difference betweem no-FSAA and 4XFSAA.

May be u can try other games and see whether it has any difference?

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It also depends upon what resolution you are running at. i.e. at 640x480 the anti-aliasing is a lot more noticeable than at 1280x1024. Also the 23.11 drivers were released today by nvidia, I'm downloading them right now to test out.

Pete's new plugins are out and they may help also. I tried them out w/Gauntlet Legends last night and I saw improvements. Try using them and see what you think. The vers. is 155.
Gerbilcannon, are these 23.11 drivers "offical" from Nvidia or are they "leaked" betas? I'm using an offical driver and unless they are "offical" I think I'll stay w/what I'm using. Thanks for the info though.

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sxamiga, they're official. They were released today.
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