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Yep, that's right another release from the <a href="" target="new">Psinex team</a>, thats 3 releases in the last 2 weeks! Now in <a href="">Revision 3</a> there is another bunch of fixes and some new features.
Here they are:
<ul><li>Corrected some XA playback in parts of games (eg. GT2 Simulation Disc)
<li>Added Bios Emulation (For compatibility reasons stay using a bios image for the moment)
<li>Added Enable/Disable Bios Logo Screen (Leave enabled for GT1 & 2 and Tekken 3, this should be corrected soon.)
Unfortunatly the PE2 bug still hasnt been fixed but I sure it will very soon.

You can download <a href="">PSinex Revision 3 here</a> with No Plugins or you can get <a href="">PSinex Revision 3 here</a> with Plugins which is recommended for new users as it has all the essential plugins with the Pre-Made options for them in installer form.

A few words on future releases is that the next official release will probably not out until the New Recompiler, New CD Decoder and Complete GTE will be ready. There will still Beta's Released in the mean time, but then again the official release might not be too far of if they are going at this rate like they say on the <a href="" target="new">official site</a> which you may want to take a look at.
Just a quick reminder, this release of Psinex is still "BETA", so it still has some bugs. Give it a try though, this emulator is really getting good and getting better. So go and download it now!

Just a little note: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">EmuManiac</a> posted this just before me, so we both posted it basicly at the same time, but i removed his post as his didnt have the any of the downloads. (Hope not to offend you EmuManiac).
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