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lol as the title says I shouldnt even post this cause this probly isnt where it belongs but anyways...
I Have FFX, im not sure which version, I got it from a iso, and I play it just fine, get around 40-60 FPS (Depending on scene).
I'm running:
Win. XP Home SP3.
AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.0Ghz
RAM : 2046 MB
nVidia 9800 GT XLR8 Edition (1024MB) not the 512...
Now I can play the game just fine, no probs at all, but now heres where my problem comes in...
I convert codes from GSV3(Game Shark v.3) and enable them(while my game is already loaded, I just pressed ESC) and when I click Run-> Execute It loads up then I get this error in the console, and it just crashes...

Im not like using a MASSIVE amount of codes, I am only using the have all items codes, NOT Infinite Items. Thanks in Advanced for any help offered.
Yes I am new to the site, but not new to pcsx2, or zsnes...or any emu for that matter.
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