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I'm new to the forums and the GC emulation scene, just got into it from interest towards a game (namely Fire Emblem :) ).

So, to the point...

I'm trying to configure Dolphin with input plugin(s) njoy 0.3 and 0.4. Everything is okay, until i try to map the pad/main hat (I'm using logitech Dual Action, also tested with Microsoft Sidewinder plug and play gp.) the conf screen on 0.3 displays that the stick/hat is "steering" to the left, the up and down are sort of mixed and normal Windows calibration doesn't help. On 0.4 it just maps A+0 on all keys i try to map, or on rare cases A-0.
I'm using Vista 32, Dolphin SVN build R2962.

So, what's up? Any ideas?
Thanks in advance :)
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