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another ff9 problem

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when i try to run ff9 the screen goes black and stay in that way,
the game is a iso image, u/c version.
i have an athlon 550 mhz, 128 mgs ram, geforce2 mx

help me !!!!!!!1
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Maybe it needs patched?

Read the FF9 FAQ on the compatability list page when it comes back online.

Compatability List -
Official ePSXe homepage -
maybe your FF9 version is PAL not NTSC. If your FF9 is Pal version well you should download the patch, you can download the patch at

i read in the cd cover that it is NTSC
well try to play it with the CD
As its the ntsc the most likely problem is that the mdecs are switched off. you can switch them on using the epsxecutor program.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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