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another FF9 problem

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I have patched the game (PAL-German) but i can't play it: As soon as the music starts I the screen, I have attached.
My configuration:
GPU: Pete's OpenGL 1.50
SPU: ePSXe SPU core 1.4.0.
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I dont know about patching, but if its not specific to the language, than were gonna nead a hole lot more information to help you out, like what your system specs are, and what your plugin configurations are, specificly your video plugin.
Pete's OpenGL 1.50:
Fullscreen mode: 640 x 480, 32 Bit
Texture quality: R8 G8 B8 A8
Filtering: None
Caching type: Dynamic
Show FPS: No
Use FPS Limit: Yes
Use Frame skipping: No
Auto-Detect Frame skipping limit: no
FPS Limit: Yes, 50
Offscreen-Drawing: Extended
Framebuffer textures: GFX Card buffer
Alpha multi pass: Yes
Mask bit: Yes
Advanced blending: Yes
The rest: No

BIOS: scph7502
Country: PAL
SIO IRQ always enabled: No

AMD K6/2 533Mhz
192MB Ram
Geforce 2 MX
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make sure you patched it with the correct version patch.... Don't patch a german version of the game with a UK version of the patch...
Any warning messages given whilst patching? From the screenshot it looks like a bad iso.
What did you use to make your ISO?

CDRwin is probably your best bet.
I have patched the German version with the German patch!! And I have made the ISO with Isobuster.
I'Ve found the problem. I had not enabled MDECs. But now i have the problem that the sound doesn't work correctly. I use the internal SPU. But some notes hang until the song changes!
My SPU configuration:
Enable Sound: Yes
Enable CDDA Sound: Yes
Enable XA sound: Yes
Enable XA read: Yes
Enable SPU IRQ hack: No
Please help!!

Try the setting on this thread.....and note the comments I've made to do your own expermenting.
When I try to start the game (epsxe -ff9pal -nogui) i get this!!
If you use the -nogui switch and the emulator is unable to find a game this is what happens ( I know this 'cos I use this option all the time). As your are using an iso try try using these settings.
OK, this works now, but when I try to load the save-state the game freezes in a few seconds and I have to do a reboot! What could that be?
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