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Another FF9 Battle sound ^^"

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I am having a problem getting the battle music to sound right. the game runs fine except thumping noise when in battle mode. it just keeps on going thump thump thump thump without any other music.

I am using
P.E.Op.S. GPU v1.16 and Eternal SPU v1.41
I looked into other threads already and have tried to set everything possible like having only the top 3 checked, or thread mode , or 22 for buffer reading, or etc etc.
everything else is running fine except this. PLease help !
Also, i ran it on 2 computers but it's still the same.
Oops , forgot to mention that im using ePSXe 1.52
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thx for the reply , i will try it when i get home
Hi... i tried the change but battle muic is still not working right. Any other suggestion please ??
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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