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Another Century 3 don't go past main menu

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hi all,can anyone pelase tell me which configuration to use for making another century 3 work?i have seen some videos on youtube of it working,i've followed thei configuration but it doesn't work.the game runs fine up to the main menu.when i start a new game,all i get is a black screen.treied with the latest pcsx2 as well with an older version,can't remember the name but was dated februrary 2009
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Can you post your settings, system specs, and a few screenshots?
Try it with all the speedhacks off.
The settings look fine.
Did you update DirectX? Do you have the latest Nvidia drivers?
Try re-downloading and installing pcsx2.
Edit: You're using an old build. Download 0.9.6 or use an updated svn snapshot
Are you running the game from an iso? Try running it with the original disk in the drive.
Well, that's a strange problem. Are there scratches on your disk? Try changing your graphics plugin to ZeroGS.
Hmm..that's pretty weird. Can you go to your pcsx2 folder and open the logs folder? Open emulog.txt and post what's written in it.
Well, I don't see any errors in that log. Is your memcard file corrupted? You said imported saves worked fine. You could try experimenting with the cpu settings, but other than that, I can't find the source of the problem.
Whatever works for you :)
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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