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I purchased Chrono Cross recently and ran it on my laptop. I have a problem at the very beginning of the game where you are supposed to get three scales. One of the dragons is under a platform and you are supposed to press x to jump down and grab him, however, I don't jump when x is pressed and if I don't do it when the message first pops up, it never pops up again.
Please help me! Final Fantasy 9 had no problems whatsoever on my system, but this game does!!!
I'm running Petes Direct3D Plugin and Null's Audio Driver on Win2K but it seems like other plugins don't make a difference. Also my laptop is an IBM T20 Thinkpad that runs at 700Mhz with 384 megs of RAM. The graphics card is a Savage MX.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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