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Just saw over at <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Emuhelp</a> that a new version of Andy's PSEmu Pro compatible SPU plugin has been released. This plugin counts to the best ones out there and is being updated quite frequently. Here's the list of changes for this version :<ul><li><b>Implemented Pitch Modulation.</b> An effect shows up in some games, for example :<ul><li>Final Fantasy 7 (Square)
<li>Final Fantasy 8 (Square)
<li>Final Fantasy 9 (Square)
<li>Final Fantasy Tactics (Square)
<li>Vagrant Story (Square)
<li>Saga Frontier (Square)
<li>Dragon Quest 7 (Enix)</ul><li>Fixed misc bugs.</ul>Did we already mention that Square games often cause problems for emu authors ? :) Furthermore, the author mentioned that by activating Null2's Envelope and pitch modulation Vagrant Story is supposed to run better.

Enough talking - you can download Andy's SPU plugin v0.16 <a href="/psx/plugins/win32/spu/">here</a>. You can find all plugins with additional infos in our <a href="/psx/plugins.php">PSEmu Pro plugin section</a> !
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