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By Andy Kosow
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ANDOVER -- Three Andover boys videotaped themselves setting a chicken on fire and beating other chickens with lacrosse sticks and fishing rods at a day camp for children in the southeast corner of town.

"These were very vicious acts," police Lt. Kevin Winters said.

The boys, ages 13, 14 and 15, face charges of cruelty to animals for the attacks at Camp Evergreen off Jenkins Road, near Harold Parker State Forest. They face additional charges for smashing aquariums and windows and damaging chicken coops and tents at the camp, causing more than $2,000 in damages, police said. Their names were not released because they are juveniles.

Police said none of the boys was enrolled at the camp, which opens June 27.

The camp is owned by Boston Celtics legend Jim Loscutoff, 75, who played for the Celtics from 1955 to 1964.

His son, camp director Jim Loscutoff Jr., said he had noticed things out of order at the camp for a couple of weeks. The chicken coop was found unlocked, and items were moved around on the grounds. Yesterday morning, he found some of the chickens "basically ruffled" and one of them with a wound.

"I thought a raccoon got in or something," he said.

But later in the day while sitting by the pool near the back of the grounds he spotted a teenage boy throwing rocks at a neighbor's truck in front of the camp. He said he chased the boy and two others to a nearby house where he said one of the boys lives.

Neighbors helped Loscutoff watch the house until police arrived, he said.

Meanwhile, his daughter, Allison Loscutoff, 19, who also works at the camp, found a bag with a video camera and tape on the camp grounds. When she watched the tape, she became "so distraught she was brought to tears," said Loscutoff, who said he did not watch the tape himself.

The tape showed the boys using a lighter and an aerosol can to set fire to one of the chickens, killing it, Winters said. The boys tossed another chicken into a pond and threw rocks and other items at it, said Winters.

The attacks may have happened over two days, most of them early yesterday, he said.

There were six chickens on the property. Winters said two of the chickens, in addition to the one burned, may not survive.

"These weren't just chickens, they were pets," said Loscutoff. "They are critters with names that follow you around and we would pet and the kids (at the camp) would pet and hold."

With police still on the way yesterday, Loscutoff said, one of the boys ran back to the camp in an attempt to retrieve the tape. Instead, he found Loscutoff's daughter crying.

"He told her "I am 14 years old, don't yell at me,'" Loscutoff said incredulously.

Police at first charged the three boys only with trespassing and malicious destruction of property over $250. After watching the tape, they added charges of cruelty to animals and possession of a BB gun under the age of 16 without a parent present, Winters said.

The boys were to be arraigned today in Lawrence Juvenile Court.

Loscutoff said while it "is the hardest thing in the world to raise a child" and he hopes "the kids turn out OK," he wants them punished.

"The kids need some kind of punishment," he said. "They can't get away with this."
What's up with these kids :hdbash:

How about we'd tar and feather em, and hunt them with torches :evil:

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poor chickens, damn whats wrong with the physco kids

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KanedA said:
dude I see you want to compete with Player-X

I think someone will write a video game about it someday ;)
Hehe, yeah after waiting a couple of days (it's a couple of days old news :p) I decided to post it myself.

And you could burn chickens already in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for gameboy ;)

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This kind of violence is not uncommon among children. In fact, children are the most violent things I've ever seen. They beat each other for any reason, and they're much worse when ostracizing 'different' children.

This vicious behavior is not unexpected; we've seen kids torturing/killing small animals for a long, long time. Of course, some children are worse than others, and peer pressure can explain the nasty results.

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Player-X said:
They could be nintendo fanboys
Next time they will be jumping on baby turtles after having too much mushrooms :p

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I find what they did moderately amusing, but I suppose I'm thinking about it from a gamer's standpoint. It certainly shouldn't happen in real life though. *sigh* Stupid kids. Although... I was also a stupid kid at some point.
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