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Anancar, student project movie. (Fantasy)

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Looks range from cheesy to great but still I think I'll watch the movie (sucker for fantasy setting)

some info:

Ancanar is an original story, a tale set in a land of growing fear and evil, in a time awaiting the onslaught of the great storm of war.

We began this little production in 1999, as two people, with only $20,000 and a Canon XL-1. At the time, we just wanted to see if making a fantasy film within these constraints was possible, with no ultimate goal in mind. went online in the Summer of 2000, to document the process and possibly inspire others to follow similar aspirations. There was no way to prepare for what happened next...

There is a trailer at the start page.
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wow. its pretty amazing if u ask me...
I really love music and CGI !
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