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Analog sticks on gamepad not working

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If you can tell me how to fix my mistake, I'd appreciate it. I was playing FF7 when I got to the first save point. I went to it, and it told me I didn't have any memory cards inserted. So I went to press the F1 button to quicksave, and accidentally hit F5 when I was reaching for my controller again. The controller stopped working. When I hit F5 again to reenable the controller, everything came back BUT the analog controls. They don't work at all. Even after I quit, restarted the program, and restarted FF7, the analog controls would not work. I went back and reconfigured the controller, and it still didn't work. The analog doesn't work at all anymore and the control pad on this thing is for crap and barely functions. >_> Can somebody tell me how to get the analog back? ;_;
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Yeah, that was the first thing I checked when I was reconfiguring my gamepad. It's set to Digital/Analog, it just refuses to acknowledge I'm using the analog controls.
I did that for 15 minutes, it never came back. And now whenever the program starts I HAVE to push F5 so it recognizes my controller...
I did that first thing, it didn't help. I even deleted the ePSXe registry entries so it'd be a clean slate, and deleted that ePSXe and put ePSXe into a different directory. And it still refuses to acknowledge my analog controls. I know that the program can tell they're there, I can set the analog controls easily in the controller configuration, and Game Controllers in my Control Panel registers the buttons as well. But when I start the game, I get nothing.
I had the analog mapped to the d-pad because like I've said, my d-pad is barely functional. I probably should have made that clear. ;>_>
After I hit F5, the d-pad went back to being the d-pad and the analog wasn't working at all. And now I can't make the emulator recognize anything BUT the d-pad being the d-pad and the analog controls not working no matter what settings I change in the controller configuration.
This is why I dropped out of college, I cannot figure out the obvious. -_-; Thanks, it's working now.
Though I am still curious despite fixing the problem, as to why the analog would have stopped working after I hit F5. It had been working just fine up to that point.
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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