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I hope this is a good place to discuss my issue, I did some searching through the forums, but I didn't see anyone with the same problem.

I've been using a DualShock2 controller on my parallel port, with a $5 adapter from Level6. I used this setup successfully for several diferent emus, including ePSXe. The only issue I had with the controller was that the analog light would occasionally go out, and the analog sticks would stop responding until I pushed the analog button again.

But now, I can't use analog mode at all - when I press the button, the light blinks on for an instant, then goes back out.

The problem occurs with all games & emulators that I've used the controller on. It still operates correctly when used with my PS2 console.

I believe that this started happening after I upgraded my video card from a Riva TNT2 to a GeForce FX5500. The only reasonable explanation I can think of, is that my power supply is not giving the parallel port enough juice. I also have suspicions that the GeForce card is under-powered as well. But I haven't been able to verify any of these claims.

The supply is a 3-year-old 350w Enermax, and I paid more than I should've for it IMO. So before I try getting a better one, I'd like to know if anyone else has had this problem? And does my diagnosis sound reasonable, or should I be looking into other possible causes (the parallel adapter maybe)?

Thanks everybody! :thumb:
And special thanks to the ePSXe team for an excellent program!
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