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Analog control in digital only games?

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Is it possible to use analog control in a PSX game that only allows digital control? The game is Powerslave. Analog control would make movement easier. Perhaps there is a control pad plugin that can do this?
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Maybe you can assign the analog sticks like a digital direction buttons, but if the game is designed to work with digital control, nothing can change it.
i used to do this by convincing SNES9x that my analog pad was the left/right/up/down of my can try to assign the joystick to a button...
boom said:
Is it possible to use analog control in a PSX game that only allows digital control? The game is Powerslave. Analog control would make movement easier. Perhaps there is a control pad plugin that can do this?
I'd try assigning the D-pad directions to the analog stick when you configure your controller. Really though, it's not possible to get true analog movement with a game like Powerslave which came out years before Sony started using the analog sticks.
actually it is possible. i have a usb controller that has a digital/analouge switch button on it that changes the digital pad to analouge pad without any reconfiguration. and it can be turned off and on whenever you need it.

the controller is a saitek p880- and it greatly resembles a PSX controller. theyre not that expensive either and hold up really well.
It isn't if the game doesn't support analog. It won't have any idea what the additional data means. If you're mapping the D-pad to your analog stick in ePSXe, then what I think happens is that when the stick reaches a certain point of movement, it just passes it to the game as a 1 in that direction, rather than something like 0x0FFE.
im serious. for some reason i dont know why- but when i use my analouge/digital switch on my controller, the drivers for the controller itself (not the plugins for ePSXe) make the analouge stick function as a D-pad when used with ePSXe. i dont know why it works, it just does. and its useful for playing a lot of games that were digital only.
yeah, because basically, it thinks that the analog stick is Left/Right/Up/Down. when you turn that off on the controller it thinks that Dpad are those buttons. so bind em to the Dpad and when you turn to analog mode you can use hte analog as digital...thats what i used to for NES emus :lol:
It works on NEs/SNES emulators, but ePSXE won't do it. (Tried it myself personally when I first got ePSXe 1.6.0
programming the P880 D-pad.

Anyone Know how to program multiple keystrokes on one command? I want to use the dpad on the buttons, on the 8 way, settings; for Up, Down, Left, Right. But I need to program the diagonals, up left, left down, down right, and so forth. I need a good explanation on the process on how to combine two keystrokes.
You shouldn't need to. It sounds like what you're doing is using a pad->keyboard profiler with your pad, and then programming the ePSXe pad mapper to use those keystrokes.

Instead, turn off your profiler and in the ePSXe pad mapper configure by clicking on the button you need to customize, then pushing the same button on your pad. The NW, NE, SW and SE directions on the dpad should work fine. If you want to map your pad's analog sticks to be a "virtual dpad", when you configure each of the ePSXe dpad buttons push the stick in that direction.

saitek. Combining keystrokes?

How can you actually combine keystrokes. how do I do that. :eek:nthepull
Push the stick or d-pad diagonally, while playing the game.

That didn't work. I programmed the W, S, A, D, for up, Down, Left, Right, but he dosen't move diagonally. I need to "combine keystrokes" for the diagonals. Problem is, I don't know how to do that.
you dont need to program diagonals. just press two buttons at the same time. i.e. W is up, D is right, to move up/right you press W and D at the same time. you can press hmm, what is it, like 4 buttons at a time on the keyboard just fine
Wait a this a Logitech Dual Action gamepad?

I'll try that.

But it's still anoying that I can't combine keys like the faq says, oh well.
Did you turn off the joypad profiler and program the joypad directly into the emulator instead of going through the keyboard?

You see, it sounds like you're doing this:

- Program joypad with Saitek profile editor to simulate pressing keyboard W,S,A, and D when you press on the D-pad.
- Program emulator to simulate D-pad directions when it gets W,S,A, and D from the keyboard

If that's right, you need to do this:

Turn off the Saitek joypad profiler.

In the emulator, instead of programming keyboard keys into the emulator's virtual Dualshock, program the joypad keys into the emulator's virtual Dualshock directly.

Here's a picture:

Click where I put the red circle and arrows, then push on the up direction on your joypad's D-Pad instead of "W" on your keyboard. Now do the same for all the other buttons on your joypad and the analog sticks.

Now, if instead of using your real D-pad to operate the emulator's D-pad you want to use your left analog stick to push the emulator's D-pad buttons, then instead of hitting the up on your D-pad after clicking where that red circle is, push the analog stick up instead.

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Thanks Everyone!

Everyone's suggestions pretty much worked! But I have one last question, For dbhankins. That picture you're using below your name handler. It looks veryfamiliar. From which game does that come fron?
It's the Sphinx from the Shadow of the Cat expansion for the PC version of Tomb Raider.

No, I didn't add the smile/wink - it's in the game!

You can probably see the same thing in the main game (PC or PS1) in the Egypt levels.

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