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Hello! Fair people of, have you herd of Anachronox or own it or whatever else. It's great. Well..... - -
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Tried it before. Seemed...strange, at least based on the demo. Then again, demos tend to be lousy indicators of how a game actually turns out...This should be in off-topic/software, since Anachronox is a PC game. Moving...
I'm currently at the part where I'm assulting Dettas place. Yes this game is probably one of the best single player rpgs for the pc at the mom. It's best described as bladerunner meets the FF series.

The storyline is (so far) great... especially the parody on marvel/DC.

Have I said too much :)

The only problem is that you need to patch it to play it (well on my win 2k box anyways)
Yeah, the demo is lousy compared to the game (I got lost in the demo :eyes: ) but there should be more battles (i'm only around the begining after talking to eddie (I can't find the damn place I'm supposed to goto after that :eyes: )) but the game is good so far, and I'm trying to make some maps or somthing for it (I got the editing tools today)
Letsee you need to goto the area next to franks flophouse. Theres a path leading to the mythril mines talk to the guard and you'll get in. (plenty of battles in this section)
Cool, thanks. (how the hell can he chew on the nasty sock?!)
you think that's bizare wait 'til you find out who the secret charactor is
hey betamax

where could i get the patch that allows play on win 2k or is it the version 1.01 patch?

just wondering since i just bought the game today because it seems good and you guys gave it aproval
i am curently d/l the 1.01 patch

please let me know
never mind man
it is the right patch
the intro movie was great but i cant play any more tonight i gotta work early in the morning
The only problem is the beggining was kinda slow and had me running all over the place without much action, but after the mines it started to pick up really nicely.
Yep thats the right patch however theres still a chance that it'll crash on leaving sender station. If that happens when you reach this part just switch off timeminders and save before exiting the level.
Hey, Betamax, anybody, I'm trying to make a map with ION Radiant the map tool for Anox, but the only problem is that wheneer I try and load textures the load process just says failed...??? QERadiant is exactly the same as ION Radiant but, I tried posting at some other forums and no one can seem to help me..... I have a feeling it'll be the same way here too though... ;)
Sorry when it comes to making maps I haven't a clue... but if I get some free time later I'll have a look. Can't guarantee anything thou'
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