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AMD 64 3500+ Winchester or Newcastle

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Which one is better? the winchester core or the newcastle?
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Winchester, hands down. Have you taken a look at the Venice cores? You might want to check out those.
Considering my 3000+ Winchester core overclocks quite happily from 1.8GHz to 2.4GHz....
winchester require less voltage too

running winnie at 1,375 V prime stable

my previous Newcastle needed 1,525 to be prime stable

that gives you an advantage when ocing
Actually the only difference between winchester and newcastle is the die? (Temp is lower on winnies)

I have a 3500+ Clawhammer Yes.. for socket 939 and yes you can get them.. They oc quite alot.. they have better memory controllers than almost all of the winchesters.. They are selling on Newegg.. i had mine a few months back, dont know if they still sell em now.. But my friend in america got it and tested it before sending it to me and he got 2.7ghz stable on air, not bad eh?

if your going to be using extreme cooling DO NOT bother with a winchester, mine kept freezing up constantly (excuse the pun) because it couldnt handle the low temp.. So now im left with a wasted 3500+ winnie which will probably end up on ebay if i can be bothered
I also have my eye on the 3200+. Is there a huge difference in perfomance between the 3500+ and the 3200+ winchester core of course :p
Huge? no.. 3200+ 3500+.. since they are just ratings, the speed increase in actual Mhz is not much..
Bleh. I might get the 3200+ then. There's a huge difference in their price too. Like 80-100 dollars.
Yeah.. good luck, if its a good un you should be able to oc it well.
go for the winchester if you can i would suggest the vince core instead. but you may have to flash your mobo to support it, if not get one that already been flashed form like, i know he DFI NF4 Ultra-D all support them now.
Unless you are patient.. you can always wait for the dual cored ones and overclock that instead.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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