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Yesterday, I ve just bought VGS.
I m most impressed: most of the 2d games work perfectly, and xenogears too(besides these are that annoying sound glitches during a battle...But it s perfect.)

I ve tried ff9 (Don t laugh at me :) ) on VGS: it hasn t work
(should I say: too bad? :D )
Well i ven t tried all the game i have but I just wanted to know if Final Fantasy Tactics worked w/ it (I mean the sound and music...)

I haven t this game yet and I want to know which is the best emu for the sound (Yep, Null2 plugin performs well, but when I heard
vgs...Guess I m going to find out how they made it ;) )

well If someone can answer me.
that could be great.
Thanks and good night (for me) anyway :D
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