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Am i tottally insane or what?

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it might be that i have lost my mind but... see i bought a dreamcast the day it came out in the states i remmber it was the same day that ffVIII came out in the us because i had that reserved and i went into KB toys in the mall and saw the dreamcast and bought it instead, with sonic adventure...

well... getting to the point i could swear that i had devil may cry for the dreamcast... or at least played a demo of it on the dreamcast retail copy somewhere but i went looking for the rom and couldnt find it then when looking for evidence of the game itself... couldn't find it anywhere?!?!? no evedence that it ever existed everywhere ive seen says devil may cry was first on ps2 but i would swear i had it on dreamcast!

have i lost my mind?
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Dunno, Sword of Berserk perhaps? There's not that many games that are that stylish or over the top.
could it be Soulreaver 2 ??, Raziel looked kinda devilish and he used a sword (reaver) in fights so... perhaps thats the game .
SR2 got canned :(
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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