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Am i tottally insane or what?

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it might be that i have lost my mind but... see i bought a dreamcast the day it came out in the states i remmber it was the same day that ffVIII came out in the us because i had that reserved and i went into KB toys in the mall and saw the dreamcast and bought it instead, with sonic adventure...

well... getting to the point i could swear that i had devil may cry for the dreamcast... or at least played a demo of it on the dreamcast retail copy somewhere but i went looking for the rom and couldnt find it then when looking for evidence of the game itself... couldn't find it anywhere?!?!? no evedence that it ever existed everywhere ive seen says devil may cry was first on ps2 but i would swear i had it on dreamcast!

have i lost my mind?
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have i lost my mind?

also there's no DMC for the Dreamcast
That's right. I was the one who poisoned your soup last night!

You're crazy.
so you guys dont think devil may cry was on dreamcast?
one too many tokes off the bong in those days i guess...
What bong. Theres no bong for the Dreamcast...
yea there was:lol:
it was an aftermarket upgrade me and my buddys used it all the time playing re-volt 4 players which was a really fun game to play 4 players btw :p
But its not for the Dreamcast ;)
Are you sure your "DreamCast" isn't actually a...
Nope sorry wookie it didnt.

and to the rest of you here i would like to say one thing.

let the wookie win.

ehmm sorry i couldnt resist.
It's like buying a PS2 to enjoy Paper Mario: TTYD, when in reality, Paper Mario: TTYD is for GameCube. xD
well it has been years... and as for the wookie comments i got the name from my buddys when i used to have long hair and full beard I'm also 6'5" and 330 lbs
Welcome to Emuforums btw :p
You must be crazy... Bullet to the brain, there's no other choice!:thumb:

Welcome aboard, chewie!:D
If you're looking for your mind, we're already in short supply of quality ones. So unfortunately I have to request you to stand in the back of the queue. ;)
It's okay Chewbacca thingy. I believe you. I believe you.
... But is there any DC game that plays or looks like DMC? I swear there's lots of games that play like it.... >.<
... But is there any DC game that plays or looks like DMC? I swear there's lots of games that play like it.... >.<
Dunno, Sword of Berserk perhaps? There's not that many games that are that stylish or over the top.
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