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That is a good and still new site (11000 visitors) i think

ps: Gile lu! cewe indo mana ade yang maen ke situs emulator apalagi masuk forum (tapi gak pa pa deh) :cool:
You're nuts! you cant tell there's an Indo Girl surfing around some emulator site, and lurking in to the forum (but its ok) :cool:

Sometimes it doesn't get updated for 3 days because there is no news in the PSX scene for those 3 days. We try to stick to the subject we cover ... why try to update daily with useless stuff that does not relate to the news we cover such as "Windows XP RC1 build leaked again" and "News from Nemu" ... well the N64 news will have to wait until NGEmu. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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