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Almost perfect!!!

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Hey fellow ngemu members,
You guys have been a lot of help and I appreciate the time you guys take to answer all my questions. Just one more issue with chrono that I noticed, everything works perfect as far as graphics and cd play but, I cant get my computer to play the cd at the proper speed, most of the time it was playing too fast and the sound wasnt coming in right, after I adjusted some settings, it plays pretty good but the music and sfx are a bit fuzzy and dont play smooth. Anybody know the proper settings to fix gamplay speeds and sounds. Also when Im in a battle scene, the characters seem to have shadows when moving, its kinda hard to explain but it seems the output of the images doesnt match the speed of the gameplay. Im not sure if that makes any sense to you guys but any help would be great.
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Why not try making an ISO...
I mean...
I don´t know im not expert
That's no problem, i just need to know the proper settings so the iso wont run too fast. My processor is insanely good so how can I emulate proper speed. Any thoughts?
which GPU did u use? Pete's?
Maybe enable "use FPS limit" will help you out..
The FPS limit should be 60 (if you're using NTSC) or 50 (if you're using PAL).
I guess the "Auto detect FPS limit" will do the same thing. :)
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