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all game run fast

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yes it's true

sorry about my english

i found tipe dto run the game fastly

1st: run dolphin.exe and run the iso game
2nd: after starting game press escape
3d: don't close dolphin.exe but re-run the game again
you will win some acceleration
i rue all the game at 87,1% fps 50.1/60 fps

- i had test zelda ww , zelda twin prin , marion sunchine, luigi munch, mario kart

all game pass

my config is
dolphin. svn 3865
2 go ram corss
amd 6000+
- nvidia gforce 9800gt 512mo
- MB asus m2n32 sli
- xp 32bit
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Isn't this related to that "trick" of old times where you have to run Dolphin two times to get proper speeds? I know i used to have to do that, every time. Don't know now since i changed from C2D to C2Q and retired a bit from Dolphin.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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