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Alien Hominid [SLUS 21090] (U)

Ingame Video (emulation speed 6-7 fps)


PCSX2 0.7 release
Status Playable


PCSX2 0.8.1 release
Status Playable
here: MC screen and mini-game shot with GSDX9 10.07.05


Beta Date: 21.07.05
Conditions tested under:
release 0.8.1 plugins, except from
GSMAX 28.02.05

Just re-checked it as some moron claimed it wont work.
This time tested with GSMAX.
For some reason GSMAX kills padSSSPSX, so you must use Padwin controller plugin :???:
It might look better with an NVidia card; i had to disable GL_EXT_paletted_texture for usage with my ATI card.

Status GSMAX: Ingame / GSDX9: Playable
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