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Air Turismo

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Guess what? Sonys Gran Turismo team and Nike have put together a special limited-edition GT4 box set for Japan. The aluminum case includes GT4 for the PS2, a GT4 T-shirt, and a special pair of Nike SHOX sneakers designed by the GT team. The design on the black T-shirt has a special purpose , one that could revolutionize the world of video-game cheat codes:If you play GT4 with the EyeToy USB camera hooked up to your PS2, the game will actally recognize the T-shirt pattern and a special shoe shaped car called Nike One will be unlocked! :cool:
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Do you have any proof of that info, (pics, links etc.)
Yeh. Ill show you tommorow.
jeez dude, that colour thing makes it hard to read.
quit using the dark colours it makes your text hard to read
AFAIK it was announced some time ago, and there should be more such special editions...
Uh, I got the Nike One car by completing the IB-license tests in the HK chinese version. It has 8 gears with reasonable speed and handling...
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