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Air Conditioning

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i was wondering if anyone could tell me the pros and cons of using air conditioning in a pc. I plan on overclocking an intel dual core cpu when I can get my hands on one so I know that I'm gonna need to find a good way to keep it cool.
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Why using air conditioner when you can use straight phase-change setup?

I mean go and buy Vapochill LS or make one by yourself. I have 4 phase-change setups and 2 are actually in 24/7 use. Condensation is big problem, but if you are carefull at insulation you should be fine.

Here is my newest project, which im gonna start after summer when i get more time and money.
D.D. said:
i think its because not everyone wants to spend the equivalent of 1.5 cpu's worth of money on a cooling solution o_O
Huh? oO

To me all of those 4 didn't cost even one 3200+ Venices price :D
Only the Vapochill classic @ R404a was bout 150€, and others i just pulled out from freezers and modded them for my use.

Vapo LS is indeed very expensive, but if you're good with your hands you can even make better unit by building it yourself. Cost is about half or even less if you can use most tools elsewhere.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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