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There is an option that says "sync audio" or "enable audio fix"

Others plugin don't have those options

Here is the deal if those settings are turned on the sound is ok. And a lot games will run fine 90-100% speed however there are a lot of games that will not run full speed if those settings are turned on...

This games run full speed or close to full speed

Zelda 2 = 56-58fps
Rayman 2 = 52-60 fps
Mario Kart 64 = 56-60 fps
Mario 64 = full speed
Plus many more I would think. I have yet to test like 80 games

This games will run 35-50fps. If I turn those settings off they run sweet 60/60

Cruisn' World, Ridge Racer 64, Blues Brothers 2000, NBA In The Zone 98 and others

The problem is that if the settings are off the music and sound effects are totally not sync. So it sounds horrible.

mmmm is there a work arround to this without screwing up the sound?

Can anyone play these games 60/60 with those settings turned on?

Yes I have being told I should be able to run all games 60/60 and I think I can but not with good sound.

Athlon Tbird 1.4Ghz @ 1.55Ghz
Geforce 2 GTS
512 megs of RAM
Sound Blaster Live
Windows XP
DirectX 8.1
Detonator 22.50
Latest SBLive drivers for XP

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most sound plugins dont hav fully functioning sync audio anyway. wouldnt use it. this best setting it 'log to output', thats what gives the superior quality. the sync just sync's the sound which of course means precise timing which means more weight on the processor.
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