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Well, after checking some ISOs I built myself using different tools, I can say:

All ISO, BIN and NRG files, saved in MODE2-XA mode (2352 bytes per sector) work fine.
I tested it with NERO 5, EASY CD-CREATOR 4.02, CDR-WIN and FireBurner.

I also tested them in simple MODE2 (2340 bytes per sector, using NERO 5 and FireBurner),
and found out that the emulator wasn't reading them correctly. This bug has already been fixed now.

But as for CDROM Images saved in MODE1 (2048 bytes per sector), AdriPSX wasn't reading them correctly. Anyway, when reading an image saved in this format mode, there will be problems and incompatibilities as they have lots of information missing which needs to be "emulated" (all sector headers, XA headers, etc...) in order to read it as a REAL PSX CDROM.
All images saved in this mode will lack of all XA sound.
Anyway, I haven't fixed the emu for MODE1 images yet, but it will be done soon.

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