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Advice on USB TV Tuner

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Well i need to buy a tv tuner for my laptop that i ordered online recently. I wanted to know if anyone had recommendations on brand that they own. If you do own one tell me how it runs: like if it has any audio sync problems or anything important.
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I don't know how good they are now, but back on my old Inspiron 8000, I had one made by Hauppauge, and considering it was through a usb port it was a very clean picture.
my dad had one and it was crap (dont remember the brand or anything). I honestly dont think going USB would do much good unless its USB 2.0. USB 1.1 is definately too slow.
Yeah i guess i meant USB2 tv tuners.
ati's usb2.0 tv tuner seems good.

note : doesnt work with usb1.0....i think its completely built around usb2.0
Thats good. My laptop is supposed to have usb 2.0 once it arrives. I just bought it online few days ago.

Another question i have is if anyone has usb tv tuner do you have to plug anything else besides the usb? Because i saw few models online and they have audio cable to Sound Card Line-In thing. I was just wondering because Dell 700m laptop im getting supposely has mic problem.
I have the ATI USB 2.0 Tuner and the only thing you plug in is the USB cable. Nothing connects to the audio components of your laptop.
ShadowDancer said:
I have the ATI USB 2.0 Tuner and the only thing you plug in is the USB cable. Nothing connects to the audio components of your laptop.
How is the quality for ATI USB 2.0 tuner? I really need to get something reliable. Also good to know ATI only needs to plug usb cable.
I really don't have any experience with any other type of TV Tuner card since this was my first so I can't really compare it with anything but I really think the quality is great. Hopefully your laptop is fast enough so you won't lose quality or anything because I remember with my laptop (Dell D600... I think it's 1.6 Ghz, not sure) I had to settle for a lower resolution because of lost frames due to my computer not being able to handle the video at high resolutions (640x480). Oh I know it's my laptop being slow because I don't have any problems with this on my desktop.I can record with high resolutions no problem whatsoever.

What else can I tell you? It hasn't been a 100% enjoyment owning this card. Sometimes the USB drivers act weird as hell and the card isn't detected correctly. If I would grade it, I would rate it a B+ but this grade might be a little low cuz I don't have anything to compare it with like another USB card. I've read this one is one of the best in the market so don't know what else to say.

When you get it and you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I'll help you any way I can. :)
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