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Advice on speakers...

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OK if you can choose between these:
Altec Lansing ACS54W (5Watts per satellite; 20Watts subwoofer)
Cambridge Soundworks FPS1500 (6Watts per satellite; 17Watts subwoofer).
Both are 5-piece (4 satellites + 1 subwoofer) speaker systems.

Which one would you pick, and why? I'm totally confused now.....

[edit] Should've probably made this a poll.... oh well...
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I agree! My friend has them and they sound amazing!:)

I need to upgrade my cheezy speakers. :D
You can get them used cheaply at USSA! That's where I got mine! :)
There's only one problem.... you see, I'm limiting myself to the two choices earlier because..... well, I got those two speakers as birthday presents, and I obviously can't keep both of them :)

So I gotta decide which one to exchange.
Keep the Altech speakers. I bet you they're a whole lot better than the FPS1500... Which I don't think very highly of :p
Here's a good review for the Altech speakers. I've seen reviews for the FPS1500, and they don't say nice things about the set, since they are way overpriced and don't deliver a good amount of quality, according to various sources. :)
Thanks NickK... really appreciate it :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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