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The FF games only display properly with 2 plugins:

1.) P.E.Op.S. Soft GPU

2.) Pete's OpenGL2

OpenGL2 is out of the question for your video card. You can try the original OpenGL or the D3D plugins, but the battle swirl and some other framebuffer effects won't display properly.
I know this is old, but this is wrong! I played Final Fantasy IX all the way through on Pete's OpenGL(1) plug-in, and it was flawless! Granted, some things were less "fluid", like moving the cursor, it was otherwise displaying everything, battle transition included, as far as I saw.

novaghost1983, until you get your new video card, try these settings for Final Fantasy VII (I think, I haven't played this one via ePSXe) and Final Fantasy IX. Final Fantasy VIII is a special one, and requires different settings, of which I'm not sure offhand, but search and you'll find a ton on it. I'd wager it'd work well for other (all) Squaresoft games as well.

Of note, the resolution is up to you, but the native of most (if not, all) Squaresoft Playstation games is 320x224, so 640x448 is twice that.

The filtering level is optional. You can turn it off (0), use 4 (most use this), use 6 (same as 4 but with filtered 2D), or use 2 (when used along with stretched high resolution textures and screen smoothing, it's close to the natural look of 2D without compromising the 3D).

The special game fix is the Final Fantasy IX fix.
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