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First of all, this is my first post in Emuforms so if I post anything you are not happy with please don't give me any warnings and just tell me not to do it. I have been working with epsxe for about a week and a few things seem to cause glitches such as text blocks distored, graphics replaced with generic lines. These graphical glitches happen quite frequently but I'll try to be simple and careful in wording my request so if you desire more information to better help me ask away. Thanks in advance to those that give helpful feedback.

My goal is to improve my "earlier squaresoft games" since those are the only games I haven't sold yet. If this works out well I'll buy some of the other games again so I can play them on my PC. Given my system requirements and what emulator I'm using / plugins how should I tweak my settings to maximize performance and then from there maybe an order of what I should tune down first to minimize lag. I hope this isn't a bad request but again if I need to change my approach I'd be glad to just advice me how you see fit. I have been tweaking for a few days now but I have messed things up pretty bad so I went back to the default "nice" settings.

Operating System: Windows XP
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 @ 2.0 Ghz
RAM: 3.24
Sound: Realtek HD Audio
Graphics: Integrated Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
I'm pretty sure on the graphics card from what I found in system
I can play WOW and some other games with high graphics settings and it runs real smooth so not sure why I couldn't crank it to the max. I'd like to at least try anyway. And then work backwards on what to tune down in some kinda order that runs smooth with max settings. (Hope I'm making sense)

I hope it's ok giving bios names and plugin names I didn't think saying names was wrong for help and seems necessary if I am to receive help...

Bios: scph1001 since it's recommended according to epsxe (I live in USA)
video: psx emulation cheater 2.5 (all cheats currently off)
Video adon: Pete's open GL driver 1.77
(should I get pete's version 2? I don't have some high end nvidia, but then again my computer isn't ancient like some voodoo 2? lol anyways using 1.77 cause I'm not brilliant to know better.)
Sound: Eternal SPU plugin 1.41
cdrom: w2k core 1.7.0
controller: it is an actual "dual shock 2" that i kept when selling my ps2 and I bought the usb adapter so I can have the feel of a real playstation.

Again if I talked too much or if you need more or you want anything changed just ask me I'm extremely passive so have no problems doing what you ask of me. (not here to cause trouble is what I mean. Anyways, I know it's painful but I thank you for at least reading this even if I don't get help immediately. Good night mates... cheers!

Oh also if you want me in the chatroom or in a voice chat program to make things more smooth on your end I'll gladly comply. :thumb:
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