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No other place in the world strikes more fear into the wallets of parents world wide. Walt Disney had a dream! to build an amusement park based on his much loved animated characters and the worlds in which they are from. Capcom had a dream! To bring the experience of going to Disneyland to the NES. We know its going to cost a hell of a lot less than a ticket into those big gates, but will you be just as satisfied at the end of your trip? Lets find out!

Gameplay (3.5 out of 10)

The plot revolves around Mickey wanting to launch a parade when he notices he doesn't have his gold key to the front gate, its been left inside the castle, which gosh darn it! Its locked too! By six silver keys, five of which are in 'attractions' aka levels and the other which you receive by answering Disney related questions from people around the games map system. Sounds simple enough, defiantly simple enough.

So three out of the five levels play as little mini games, once is a space game where you must fly around in the first person in space while pressing the correct buttons as they pop up on screen in order to advance. Yep so one of the levels is a simple Dance Dance Revo formula...How fun and engaging that is, and the really annoying thing is if you make three mistakes, you have to start again and sit through that god awful boring **** again!

Dance Dance Revo : Retard Mix!

The next little mini game plays some what like and advanced version of Road Fighter for the NES. Simple car racing game where left moves you left, right moves you right, up makes you move faster and you drive around trying to avoid obstacles to make it to the finish line. They have tried to add a bit to the gameplay by adding jumps, which can sometimes do more bad than good when you jump off the road and have to start again from the start. Nothing exciting about it.


Thats two silver keys down so far, three if you walked around answering those boring ass questions about the Disney universe. Thats right not even 10 minutes of play time in (Thats if you didn't die once and have to start the stage from the start) and I am apparently 50% through the game and let me tell you, I have not had fun yet, if anything its the opposite, its so frustrating having to do the **** all over again but whatever, lets jump into the third of these god awful mini-games then we can get into the two platform levels.

If the other two 'mini-games' sounded ****ty then strap yours self in for a bron hail storm. The third is one of the most annoying things I have ever played and just utterly stupid, at times I have trouble believing Capcom actually made this game. You have to sit in a mining card while flying downhill along tracks, you press left or right to go along the different turn off's the only problem with this is theres heaps of **** in your way like road blocks and falling boulders, so you have to press B to slow the cart down when ever you see danger and it will pass, the boulders will miss you, the road blocks will open. How very exciting, theirs a time limit but it should only matter to utter retards as the concept is so simple the only way they could try to make it harder was by making you have to land in the correct station at the bottom. How fun, **** this **** onto the platformer levels...FINALLY!

Would you ever guess this was a game based in Disneyland?

Now the 'Haunted Mansion' level is without a doubt the best level in the game, they should have modeled the rest of the game on it and the game would have been all right. Its just straight up good old fashion Capcom platforming, you have a range of enemies, you throw candle which you collect more of through out the level. Some of the jumping sections can get annoying when you fall off tiny platforms and have to start again from the outside, but other than that its a solid little platformer engine and a good level. The next level which is assume is Pirates of the Caribbean is pretty similar, the enemy's have changed from ghosts and ghouls to pirates and you can no longer throw candles but it is still a pretty solid little level.

The game could have been all right....But its not...

Graphics (5 out of 10)

The graphics in general are pretty good for a NES title, the platformer stages are by far the most impressive, the overworld looks pretty blocky but we have seen much worse overworld graphics in other NES titles. It has all the charm in the graphics you would expect from a game developed by Capcom (If not any of the gameplay or fun).

One thing I never fully understood, why in gods name is the main character a little kid in a cowboy hat(I'm guessing cowboy, it could be a safari get up, you be your own judge), I'm sure they could have created a much more interesting character, or at least one that made sense. I understand having a little kid as the main character (Even though it most likely should have been Mickey) but why dress him like his about to enter a dress up contest and win extra points for being a ***. Retarded move.

Sound (5 out of 10)

The music is a solid outing but nothing really amazing. I cant remember any of the tunes off the top of my when I try to and that for me shows there was not any truly great music. It doesn't hurt your ears, but it will hardly touch the heart.

The sound fx are a similar story, nothing special but they get the job done. Not much else to say.

Replay Value (2 out of 10)

There is close to none, by the time you finish this piece of crap you will not want to touch it again, I only have it because I picked it up for $4 and let me tell you I overpaid for this title BIG TIME!

With gameplay like this you'll be just like Britney, GIMME GIMME MORE! (Stupid B**ch)

Overall (3.875 out of 10)

Capcom had the chance to make a platformer style Kingdom Hearts game, but instead of turning the idea into something awesome we got this steaming pile of **** that heaps of kids would have picked up thinking ' I LOVE DISNEYLAND, BUT ME THIS GAME MUMMY!' and they got home to find a far below average game. The platformer levels show us what this game could have been as if to tease us.

The General View: The games not worth owning, if you can pick it up for free do so only for the haunted house stage, the rest of the game is shocking.

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Why the hate?
I loved this game.
Because I didnt, lol if you read the review you can see 'why the hate'.:p

Anyway, sweet review chum.
Cheers, so much harder to do these without the net! (uploading, resources, facts, etc)

The Haunted part was rather scary, the music and atmosphere really crept me out, not bad for a NES game eh? They should've put a 12+ label on it
Yea, was a rad little section of gameplay.
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