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:D Can't say I loved the game, it was rather a love/hate relationship. I borrowed it from a friend quite a few times since it was very challenging. Back in the days we just played and didn't whine, although this game was bloody hard. I was very fond of the car racing, since I couldn't get my hands on anything better of course. The Haunted part was rather scary, the music and atmosphere really crept me out, not bad for a NES game eh? They should've put a 12+ label on it :heh:

The questions we knew about all answers to by the end, even though we were only half able to understand them in the beginning. Looking back it's a retarded decision though, they ask European kids questions about TV shows that weren't aired here in a language they don't speak. Oh well, it helped me to get my English to the current level.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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