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Advance Wars In VisualBoyAdvance

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very good strategy....
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Shin Gouki:

You can get VisualBoyAdvance (the emulator on the pics) right here. You'll have to find roms on your own..
the GBA emu require Bios.... find on

I have played many GBA games in Visual Boy Advance without a bios file?

Are you actually using one?
VisualBoyAdvance doesn't require the GBA bios.. some emulators such as DreamGBA do, however.
Visualboy Advance Savestate require Bios
Originally posted by Stevenlcw
Visualboy Advance Savestate require Bios
Huh? I am using Visual GBA Savestate without bios...:confused:
the bios is not required, but with it some games work better I think.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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