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Advance wars: Days of ruin

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Is there still no way to make this game run perfectly at full speed with an emulator? I am really looking forward to playing this game.
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NO$GBA is badly optimized for this game's graphics... It runs fine in DeSmuME and iDeaS. ;)
No it does not run perfectly on any emulator, but if you have a powerfull system your best bet is DeSmuME...if not then no$gba is still your best bet.

I am sorry D1M1TR1 but I just can't recommend iDeaS till that awfull audio gets fixed.
Aw, that's right. Now that I think about it, there are more regressions in the latest versions of iDeaS (blending problems, not-so-good CPU speed), not to mention the rather slow development of iDeaS...
Besides, there was an old plugin which fixed the "weird noises" problem (the beta one), but I don't often use iDeaS these days.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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