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Hello , as the title says , i have been looking where to find this " Advance Tab " for a while , searching across the internet wasn't much of a help.
Here i found 2 unanswered threads for a year or more !!
Does this Tab even exist ?? If yes someone send us a screenshot or where to find it Please !!

I quoted this from the Help tab in the x360ce Software 2020-11-15 :

How to reduce wheel dead zone?
1. Run x360ce.exe.
2. Select [tab] with your Wheel Controller.
3. Open [Advanced?] tab page.
4. Select "Enabled (XInput, 80%)" from "AntiDeadZone?" [drop-down] to reduce dead zone by 80%.
5. Click [Save?] button.

Thanks for the help in advance 🙂 👋
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