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Phew, and finally the last news post for today (you could call that news flood I think :)). Like promised when I posted the PSX status update, I asked Roor to re-send me those cool <a href="" TARGET="_blank">AdriPSX</a> screenshots, and so he did! AdriPSX did an amazingly cool progress during the past months, as you can see yourself on these shots :<center>

<a href="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/CC-1.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/CC-1s.jpg" BORDER=0></a><a href="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/CC-2.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/CC-2s.jpg" BORDER=0></a><a href="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/CC-3.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/CC-3s.jpg" BORDER=0></a>
<a href="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/MANA-1.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/MANA-1s.jpg" BORDER=0></a><a href="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/MANA-2.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/MANA-2s.jpg" BORDER=0></a><a href="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/MANA-3.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/MANA-3s.jpg" BORDER=0></a>
<a href="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/RS2-1.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/RS2-1s.jpg" BORDER=0></a><a href="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/RS2-2.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/RS2-2s.jpg" BORDER=0></a><a href="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/RS2-3.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/psx/adripsx/screenshots/misc/RS2-3s.jpg" BORDER=0></a></center>

Impressive, ehh ? The games are, from top to bottom, Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana and Resident Evil 2. And that's not all yet ... more cool games are running compared to the latest release, let's hope Roor will also keep us up to date in the future - of course here, @ !
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