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If you ask me, until a couple of months ago, I haven't deeply touched AdriPSX code at all for a couple years. Several things had been done few weeks after the last release, but never published.

Nowadays, on the real life side of my time, I've been working developing games and some pretty advanced and very specific systems for oil drilling&extraction comanies.

Some months ago, I worked some more on my PS2 emulator (it already plays a couple of games), but I do not really have the time to spend on it as I would like to.

As a by product of my work on PS2 emulation, I developed some new extra-fast CPU cores and some other stuff. So good that I may even be able to make some profit out of them. I already implemented that on AdriPSX as a test, and it seems to produce nice faster performance.

I really would like to do a new release.
But I actually do not even have the username and password to AdriPSX's homepage... I guess I'll have to talk to Bobbi someday.

Anyway... if someone want to do some betatesting (has the time, the PC and the games to do so), please email me.

BTW, AdriPSX for DOS was first released by the end of 1998... at the time was one of the only three PS1 emus able to play commercial games. Last DOS version was released in early 2001 (but no big changes were made since the end of 1999).
AdriPSX for WIN, was first released by the begining of 2000, and saw its last release by the middle of 2001.
AdriPSX ILE Edition was released by the middle of 2002.

So.. AdriPSX IS OLD!

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Wow! Good to hear from you, Roor. I didn't know you were doing work on a ps2 emu. So are you looking for beta testers for both AdriPSX and your ps2 emu? I could beta test for AdriPSX, but I don't have a fast enough computer for any ps2 emulation.

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Welcome back Roor :)
hehe nice to see AdriPSX back into the PSX emulation scene. The way you talk about extra-fast CPU core seems like it could be used for any kind of emulation..... is it? :p
nway, its great to see you back in the scene


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Sounds like a great project, however with your time restriction between two jobs maybe you could offer a hand to the pcsx2 team? If not it would still be awesome to see another AdriPSX release soon :)

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Man, long time ah?
I used to be a betatester for adripsx win, but i used to play bof3 on adripsx dos version. Great old times.

If you still need me for some testing, i just upgraded my pc, its fast enough to try both psx and ps2 emus.
Ill update my sig later, as im still installing my new pc.
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