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Have you tried getting PSEMU Pro, this used to have a quite a few plugins obviously the graphic and sound ones are obselete now, but the pad ones seem to work well.

I still use them and they do work with Adripsx (not all of them).

I should also thank you because you isolated the problem down to the pads. I took a look at the latest Adripsx (before it went underground) and discovered the reason mine kept crashing was the plugins I had selected.

I don't know why I didn't put as much effort into Adripsx problems as I did with Epsxe or Fpse, which is funny because I find it plays MDEC and sound(spu) better than either of the other two (less playing around with timings eg buffer size and that sort of thing)

If you can't get hold of psemu pro I have the plugin on my pc and can send them to you.
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