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I'm new to this thing and i have searched for guides but so far they don't explain exactly what i want to do or they are way too complicated for my limited understanding, i'm adobe handicaped.

I have 4 videoclips and i want them to play, let's say 2 at the same time in my screen, like an picture in picture in Tvs. Then the 2 of them shrink a little so a third one can be viewed and finally a fourth one. Maybe one of them dissapear and 3 stay.

Is it easy?

And a second question. I want to do a little menu so i want a video playing and then a picture appears on one side and a few words. The video keeps moving but the image is there for the rest of the time.

So far no guide focuses in things like this as it may seem it's easy but i have been trying for 3 hours to no avail :(
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