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So I've only noticed this problem since I've switched to a wired (generic) controller. When I download a new game and try to play it, the buttons are all remapped wrong.

It doesn't matter if I just go right in and try to play it without adding the game in X360CE, or if I
+Add Game in X360CE first, the buttons remap themselves (always the same reassignments).

To make it worse, I can only [Remap] All under the x360ce.exe game profile (pressing the [Remap] button switches it back to that profile) so I have to remap every button, one at a time, via each button's drop down menu and Record.

After I remap, I ALWAYS [o]Save All and have tried saving with Admin. elevation, too. Never any luck. Is there anything I did/am doing wrong that will fix this for me? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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