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I love the PEC... what i don't love is not knowing how to add new games onto Legend of Legaia isn't on the codelist, which makes it VERY difficult to cheat on it. This is my first thread in any forum so i wasn't sure if this did or didn't belong in here. Iv'e seen how to add cheats but when i try that it doesn't work... how can i add it in there so it will?

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I saved the old codelist.inf and made a new one with just the games I'm working on.

Here's my sample of a valid codelist.inf:

#Star Wars - Rebel Assault 2#SLUS-00000
"[#] Infinite Shield
800C07CC 1000
"[#] Infinite Lives
800E5AF0 000A
"[#] Instant game over
800C07C8 0000
800C07CC 0000
E30E5AF0 0001
300E5AF0 0001
#Final Fantasy 7#SLUS-00000
.[#] = can always leave code on
.[#-R] = clear dynarec block for code to work immediately
.[!~~] = careful use of code
"[#] Random battles (on)
8007173C C350
8007173E 0000
D00A827C 1023
8011627C C350
8011627E 0000
"[#] Random battles (off)
8007173C 0000
D00A827C 1023
8011627C 0000
"[#] Party - PHS, Save anytime
8009D2A6 0000
8009D2A4 FFFF
D01D093E 3042
801D0940 0001
"[#] Battle - EXP gained
D00C7C36 AC22
D00A4080 7DB6
8009D7D8 ????
$02BC  700 EXP
$0640  1600 EXP
$10CC  4300 EXP
$1F40  8000 EXP
$FFFF  65535 EXP
"Junon - CPR mini-game
30075E3C 007F
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