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Action replay problem

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I cant get the action replay codes to work with the FFVII pal version, I tried max next level and that worked sort of (although useless) and I tried max limit break (froze game), but the one I really want to work is max AP after battle, and it does nothing.

I dont know what to do, I cant get it to work, maybe I got a bad code or something maybe its ePSXe, I just wanna master my materia the lazy way.
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do you use PEC?? or just AR disc?
btw you cant use the AR or GS discs in ePSXe.
if that was directed to me, than: yeah I know, but using pec is better and cheaper ;)
that was directed to anyone, actually maybe just you becuase you suggestedit :p
if you treat my question to him as a suggestion ;)

anyway let's wait for nossr51s answer :)
perhaps the codes are fuxed then?
Know any *working* codes?
did you try ?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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