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Acents on PCSX2 Translations

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Hi.. I am the person who translated PCSX2 to portuguese language.. When I did it and tested in PCSX2 0.7, the acents were ok..

but now on 0.8 the letter with acent doesnt appear.. I have to fix the translation and remove the acents or u ppl will fix that for us?? in portuguese we use acents a lot..

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I had a problem like that in romanian. I translated PCSX2 in romanian (I think I sent it exactly 5 minutes after it was released so that`s why it isn`t in the language bar :() and tested it with 0.7 and some letters (like s with a small dot beneath it) came out wrong and totaly different then what I wrote (e.g.: "Y" with 2 dots above and a horizontal bar at the middle).
Well, tried it with 0.8 now and it doesn`t display how it should (e.g.: only an "s", without the dot beneath it).
I guess it doesn`t support any weird symbols, or better said any other letters than the ones in English.
We have noticed the error and will hopefully be fixed soon :)
The German languages can´t correct displayed.
many words are missing a letter(s)
English / in German pcsx2 / right
about ber über
i have also problem with the greek transtations. i cant see the text.
the spanish translation is very bad
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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