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Hi All,

I have Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and want to play Ace Combat 7 - Skies Unknown.
First time install, x360ce work great. Everything was good.
Something happened to my windows 10 pro, so I reinstall the Windows.

After all PC Driver installed and working good, I install this game and of course x630ce. I install it and set it just right the same as before. But unfortunately, when I want to lunch the game, the game won't start. I run it as a standard user or administrator. Nothing work. Nothing like before I reinstall the Windows.
I have read the minimum requirement, and I make sure all installed as a requirement. But still, the game won't lunch.

I delete the xinput1_3.dll file and the game lunch but of course, the joystick will not working. Not even detected by the game.
I try to use this joystick on another game (FSX), and it works (no need to use x360ce).
I try to set for 32bit. But It said something like you use 64bit xxxxxxx and the game launch but the joystick not working.

Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks.
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