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about Xara

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guys here can anybody explain me how to make things work with XARA (X and 3D)... also can anybody please send me the help files? I just downloaded those trial versions and I wanna test it out
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i bought the peice.....anyways.....i attached the Xara 3D help file....
whuaa...big thanks disturbed...I really appreciated that one...:) Anyway, do you have Xara X help files? coz I have a plan to combine pictures made from those two software (Xara X and Xara 3D) thanks...
ups...then sorry, disturbed, i didn't know it's so huge well, guess have to buy the books thanks and sorry to have you troubled...
hmmm your online now, right? guess it's appropriate time to ask this, your avatar, is a good one... how did you create it? what software did you use? will you teach me???? :) :)
a friend gave me the skull pics and i put them together using Ulead GIF Animator's not that hard =)
well, it's a good one...anybody know where to find such pic?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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