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About to start using ePSXe have a few questions.

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Well I'll be playing FF 7 and 9, Suikoden and MGS :) I know there is no single config to all the games but I still wonder a few things.
I have pretty high end PC:
A64 3200 @ 2.6GHz
6800 GT @ Ultra
1Gig RAM
Audigy 1

so what petes plugin would be best for my GPU? OGL or D3D one?
I'll use my PSX controler with help of SmartJoy Plus converter... Do I have to install some plugin or does it work from the box?
Should I up the resolution to 1280x960 ++ or have it near PSX original?

That would be all I can think of now :)
Thank you for your time!

forgot to ask which ePSXe to use? 1.5.2 or 1.6.0 (heard there are a few compatibility problems with later version)

So far I got FF7 working just fine :) Resolution is 1280x960 and following Kanes config. Only trouble is that I can't map Start and Select button on my gamepad :( (I have original PSX pad (not analog) )
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you should try OGL2

there shouldn't be any problems with your psx controler, just install drivers for smar joy plus converter, plug your pad calibrate it, than run ePSXe configuration of your pad and asign every button.

This resolution should be fine, it's doubled 'default' resolution of PSX gfx engine

as for ePSXe version, try both, different problems occure on different mashines and configurations :)

good luck to Ya :thumb:
Man this rocks :) Everything is just so crisp and nice :) I should have played this way ages ago!
Anyway I still can't map start and select :/
I'll try OGL2 and see how does it play with sprites :) D3D are pixelated, I tried some settings for smoothing (don't like 2xsai and it's better)
OGL and OGL2 are your best bets. Pete's OGL has the same sprite smoothing functions and more.
for MGS i suggest using Pete's OGL with the PC FPS calculation special game fix, and Pete's Dsound. that will make the game and its sound run silky smooth.
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